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Coral Sea 25  Catamaran - Mike Waller Yacht Design
Designed by Mike Waller
The CORAL SEA 25 CATAMARAN is designed specifically for the builder who wants the maximum boat for minimum cost and building time. To this end the vessel features seperate hulls connected by strongly mounted cross beams.
Coral Sea 25 catamaran
Coral Sea 25 catamaran
L.O.A. 7.79 Mtrs
L.W.L. 6.60 Mtrs
Beam 4.80 Mtrs
Draft .53 Mtrs
Displacement 1140 Kg
Weight (Trailer weight) 900 Kg
Hull Beam / LWL Ratio 9:1
Sail Area 37.72 Squ Mtrs
Payload (Maximum) 500 Kg
Note# All displacement and payload weights above are as per designed plan, and cannot be guaranteed.
Study Plans
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Full Plans
$400.00 Aud
L.O.A. 9.20 Mtrs
L.W.L. 8.24 Mtrs
Beam 5.70 Mtrs
Draft .875 Mtrs
Displacement 3500 Kg
Weight (Light Boat) 2950 Kg
Hull Beam / LWL Ratio 9:1
Sail Area 50.26 Squ Mtrs
Payload (Standard) 550 Kg
Payload (Maximum) 1100 Kg
Fresh Water 240 Ltrs
Note# All displacement and payload weights above are as per designed plan, and cannot be guaranteed.
The CORAL SEA 25 CATAMARAN  is demountable for trailing and employs a simple, easily built, trunkated 'V' hull shape. The trunkated 'V', is as simple to build as the straight 'V', but has better sailing characteristics, such as less wetted surface, better tacking etc. This yacht is definitely a case of the most boat for the least work and cost.

The Coral Sea 25 is designed for safe, comfortable family sailing, with bunks for 4 in 2 seperate hulls. It also has a room for a portable toilet, small cabin lockers,  and a huge cockpit for socializing. There is good sitting headroom in the hulls.

For simplicity and ease of construction the hulls consist of a plywood shell wrapped around a framework of plywood bulkheads and timber stringers. This is still the easiest way to construct a timber boat, and when combined with timber / epoxy construction, is a very cost effective way to build a sound vessel.

The rig is a simple but efficient ¾ sloop, with a large sail area for light weather cruising, easily reefed in heavier winds. The rigidly mounted beams allow the vessel to carry an efficent rig which can stand up to the weather. The rigging is as simple as possible, and is based on the KISS principle. Two separate rigs are available, a standard rig for offshore and open water sailing, and a larger inshore rig. The choice is at the builders discretion.

Auxiliary power is from an outboard in a separate pod beneath the cockpit footwell. The vessel features small skeg keels  for cruising simplicity, and efficient transom hung rudders for positive helm control. Steering as designed is by tiller. The Coral Sea 25 is an easily constructed vessel capable of providing it's owners with years of comfortable and fun cruising, or even ocean voyages for the more skillful and adventurous sailors.
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CS25 Catamaran by Mike Waller
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