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Designed by Mike Waller
L.O.A. 7.80 Mtrs
L.W.L. 7.65 Mtrs
Beam 2.44 Mtrs
Draft (boards up) .30 Mtrs
Draft (boards down) 1.41 Mtrs
Displacement 2100 Kg
Weight (on trailer) 1800 Kg
Sail Area 24.22 Squ Mtrs
Ballast Weight 674 Kg
Note# All displacement and payload weights above are as per designed plan, and cannot be guaranteed.
Study Plans
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Full Plans
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L.O.A. 9.20 Mtrs
L.W.L. 8.24 Mtrs
Beam 5.70 Mtrs
Draft .875 Mtrs
Displacement 3500 Kg
Weight (Light Boat) 2950 Kg
Hull Beam / LWL Ratio 9:1
Sail Area 50.26 Squ Mtrs
Payload (Standard) 550 Kg
Payload (Maximum) 1100 Kg
Fresh Water 240 Ltrs
Note# All displacement and payload weights above are as per designed plan, and cannot be guaranteed.
Coral Sea 25 catamaran 2
Coral Sea 25 catamaran 3
Coral Sea 25 catamaran 4
Coral Sea 25 catamaran 5
Coral Sea 25 catamaran 6
Coral Sea 25 catamaran 15
Coral Cove 40 Catamaran by Mike Waller

The vessel provides basic accommodation for day and weekend / short term sailing for two, or a small family, and should not be regarded as a long term or distance cruiser. She is basically designed for use in sheltered and semi sheltered waters. Sharpies are however, extremely stable boats, and in skilled hands are capable of much more extensive voyages in open water and coastal sailing. A high ballast ratio and exceptional form stability makes them extremely seaworthy boats.

The vessel is designed for timber/plywood/epoxy construction. Construction is entirely in marine grade plywood with minimal timber framing, and most internal structural support is provided by ply bulkheads and joinery. The sharpie hull form, with flat bottom and flat, sloping hull sides, is admirably suited for this construction method, making it quick, easy and inexpensive to construct.

The Deception Bay Sharpie 26 CK (Cat Ketch) differs from other sharpies mainly in her more modern appearance, and in the fact that she has tandem centerboards. Twin boards have many advantages over a single large board, the chief of which are that two smaller boards interfere less with the accomodations, and allow the boat to be perfectly balanced on any point of sail or weather conditions, a great benefit for short handed sailing. Each board being smaller, the additional cost and time constructing two boards is not much greater than one large board, and the benefits outweigh this by far.
The Deception Bay Sharpie 26 CK (Cat Ketch) is a traditional Sharpie design with a more modern profile, designed for those who love the low cost, simple construction and high performance of the sharpie concept, but prefer styling a bit more up to date than the highly traditional appearance of most current Sharpies on the market today.
Decption Bay Sharpie 26 CK - profile and sail plan
Deception Bay Sharpie 26 CK - accomodation layout
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