This page contains a list of our sailing and power boat stock plans. All of these boats are considered suitable for amateur builders. Each design is given its own details page. Most designs are plywood and timber / epoxy construction, although some are in fiberglass / timber composite construction or aluminium (aluminum)alloy construction. For information on ordering plans check out the How to Order page.


Free Boat Plan

Pippie 8 Yacht Tender   2.3 Metre (8 Ft) plywood dingy.


Monohull Sailing Boats

Sharpies (trailable)

Moreton Bay Sharpie 5.4    5.4 Meter (17 Ft) Trailer Sharpie - Traditional design.
Deception Bay Sharpie 26 CK *   7.8 Metre (26 Ft) Trailer Sharpie - Modern design.

Other Trailer Yachts

Pippie 8 Sailing Trainer    2.3 Meter ( 8 Ft) ply sailing dingy
Waller TS 5.4   5.4 Meter (17 Ft) fast trailer yacht in moulded timber or strip plank WRC.  
Waller TS 540   5.4 Meter (17 Ft) multichine plywood version of the TS 5.4 trailer yacht. 
Waller TS 7.0 *  7 Meter (23 Ft) fast trailer yacht in WRC strip plank and plywood. 


Multihull Sailing Boats

Trailerable Catamarans

Waller TC 670 Cat    6.7 Meter (22 Ft) Multichine ply. trailerable catamaran with cabin.
Waller TC 750 Cat *    7.5 Meter (24.6 Ft) Multichine ply. wide load trailerable cat with cabin.

The Coral Catamarans

Coral Sea 25 Catamaran *    7.6 Meter (25 Ft) plywood  'V' hull low cost cruising cat
Coral Sea 35 Catamaran *    10.7 Meter (35 Ft) plywood  'V' hull low cost cruising cat 
Coral Cove 31 Mk II Catamaran *  9.42 Meter(31 Ft) plywood bridge deck cruising cat.
Coral Cove 40 Catamaran *   12.2 Meter (40 Ft) ply.  multi chine low cost cruising cat.

Sailing Catamarans - Other

Waller 880 Catamaran *   8.8 Meter (29 Ft) cedar strip / glass bridgedeck catamaran.
Waller 1100 Mk II Catamaran *   11 Meter (36 Ft) all plywood bridgedeck cruising cat
Waller 1160 Catamaran *    11.6 Meter (38 Ft) cedar strip / glass bridgedeck catamaran.
Waller 1200 Catamaran *    12.0 Meter (39 Ft) cedar/glass comp. and ply catamaran.
Waller 1480 Catamaran *   14.8 Meter (48.5 Ft) cedar strip / glass cruising catamaran.



Plans from Mike Waller Yacht Designs marked as '*' are computer generated for accuracy.   Older plans are designed in the traditional manner but are non the less extremely accurate.   All stock boat building plans come complete with materials lists, written specifications and boat builders notes. Larger computer designed vessels include CAD/CAM files for laser or router cutting of moulds etc where these are appropriate or necessary.  Plans include deck layout listing generic marine fittings and some plans include details for making some fittings at home. All plan prices include delivery (see our Sales Conditions.)


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