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NOTE# once you have completed your ePlan purchase you should NOT click your back button, or click way from the PayPal web page. PayPal will automatically return you to this web site, where you will be provided with further information regarding the download or email delivery of your plans . The entire process should take you no more than a few minutes.

You may cancel your transaction at any time by clicking the 'Cancel and Return to Mike Waller Yacht Design' link which can be located towards the bottom of the PayPal page.

EMAILED / DOWNLOADED ePLANS are delivered direct to you by Email (full plans) or are downloaded by you directly immediately after purchase. (study plans).

We provide our plans only electronically, because of the following significant advantages.

It is the fastest method. Study plans are downloaded by you immediately, and full eplans will arrive by email, or you will receive a direct download link by email, generally within 48 hours (2 working day) of ordering.

It is the safest method. ePlans are purchased using our secure PayPal Facility.

Because we do not incur printing or delivery cost for electronic plans, we can offer them at reduced prices, passing on a substantial saving to you, the client.
It guarantees delivery. Postal services in many countries are not reliable, and for this reason we have in the past used expensive courier services to try to guarantee delivery. However even courier services can experience great difficulty in delivery, especially if there is no-one present at the receiving end (Courier goods must be signed for).
You can view them immediately on your computer with any PDF reader, and they do not have to be printed out until you actually need them. Documentation (A4) can be printed on your home printer.


They can be purchased using our PayPal Secure Online Payment Facility, using the 'Buy Now' buttons on the respective design pages. Clicking the 'Buy Now' button will take you direct to PayPal's secure web site to carry out the purchase transaction.

When your Full ePlan is sent to you by Email, and for any reason the delivery experiences problems (some smaller ISP's have limits on attachment size) we will make sure you are able to receive your plan some other way (such as a download link.)

If for any reason you fail to download your study ePlan, or do not receive your emailed full plan or download link within 48 hours, (sadly, the Internet is not perfect) you should contact us by email straight away, and we will re-send, or arrange for you to receive your plans ASAP, by some other method. Please allow us reasonable time to respond, due to time differences. Note# we have never failed to deliver to a client.

If for any reason we are unable to ensure that you receive your plans, we will direct PayPal to refund your purchase price.


Full ePlans are in the form of Zip files containing PDF files for each plan sheet and each document. They are emailed to you, or a download link is provided.


Study ePlans are downloaded by you immediately after purchase, as a Zip File containing PDF Files for each plan sheet and each document, or as a complete PDF Document. In general, plan sheet PDFs are A3 in size. All document files are A4. Most localities around the world have printing shops who can print these files, and they can be viewed directly on your computer..

Our standard study plans include reduced (A3) copies of several of the actual full size (A1) plan sheets. Each sheet will generally contain several drawings related to the construction of the vessel. A typical study plan will contain 4-6 sheets, covering the basic profile and arrangements, sail and rigging, sample construction drawings, and for larger designs, a deck layout plan. In addition, the study plans include a materials list for the construction of the hull/deck etc., and a written run down on the vessel, its basic concept and statistics, its intended purpose and the contents of the full building plan.

Some of our Study Plans are produced in A4 eBook format, and instead of having 5 - 6 reduced copies of the actual plan sheets, they contain a much larger number of A4 size plan drawings (typically 12 - 15), each of which contains details of just one major aspect of the design. The drawings are clear, concise and easy to read, and in fact contain more information than our standard study plans. In addition, the Study ePlan eBook format contains all the written material contained in a standard study plan, and more besides, and can be printed on a good quality home printer

The eBook ePlan format also allows you to print copies of study plan sheets for the purposes of obtaining quotes, on your own home computer (A4) instead of having to pay for photocopies at your local print shop.
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